Man, how do you work this stuff?

See no evil, Hear no evil, Joe protecting the family jewels and speak no evil!

Winslow July 4 celebration 2013

NO, we are NOT Bad Penny, It was just their drum kit.

Dempsey Challenge 2013

Why is the sound guy always smiling?

Silver Spur, Mechanics Falls, ME.

Winslow July 4 Celebration Opening up for John Michael Montgomery.

Selling our gear next to JMM

Headlining Puddle Palooza 2014

Opps! Forgot my sticks!

What do you do when you forget your sticks? MAKE EM!

    Photo's from gigslll past!

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03.08 | 23:52

Any upcoming shows fir October 2022?

07.08 | 17:04

Going to be up that way Oct 9-15th...any gigs we can get out to see you?
Thanks, Chuck Jacobs (Cousin Chucky!)

18.07 | 15:47

Looking for ticket to Saturday's Booze Cruise. Any left to purchase?

28.06 | 03:00

That was fun tonight at the Whale Park. I got to see your beautiful daughter at tugboat. I really thought you would have played Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Lol